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The Regency Plush Santa Suit Costume is the jolly, round plush Santa Suit that most costume shops use for their Santa Suit Rentals. This is the ensemble for the dedicated Santa Claus who needs a rental quality Santa Outfit. If you plan on using a Santa Costume more than 3 times or simply want to fool all of the children, the Regency Santa Suit Costume is preferable to renting for only a few more dollars.
regency santa suit costume

Regency Plush Santa Suit Costume

  • Plush jacket with very thick faux rabbit fur trim, front zipper and belt loops.
  • Plush pants with side pockets.
  • Plush hat with nylon lining, faux rabbit fur trim and pom pom.
  • Black vinyl belt with gold colored metal belt buckle.
  • Black vinyl boot covers with faux rabbit fur trim.
  • White nylon gloves.
  • Beard and wig not included.
Buy $105.99SF7503 Crimson, size 40-48
Buy $119.99SF7513 Crimson, size 50-54
Buy $125.99SF7543 Crimson, size 58-60
Buy $105.99SF7502 Red, size 40-48
Buy $119.99SF7512 Red, size 50-54
Buy $125.99SF7542 Red, size 58-60
Our Honest Opinion
The Regency Plush Santa Suit Costume is a very thick, real looking Santa Suit that seems like it will endure many years of service with the proper care.  However, the only part of this Santa costume with a soft lining is the hat, allowing the jacket and pants to irritate sensitive skin.  So, the person wearing this suit may want to wear a long sleeve shirt and pants under this costume.  Nevertheless, this Santa Clause Suit is almost as good looking as the $450 ones with the main difference being that it's missing the silky lining and a few other extras.  The bottom line is that if you require a very realistic Santa Claus Suit and don't mind wearing a long sleeve shirt and pants under your Santa costume, you'll save a lot of money.
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