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Santa Suit and Costume Sizes

How do you choose the right size Santa Suit?

Santa Suits and Costumes are shaped different than nearly all other clothing. The jackets are sewn large to accomodate the Santa Belly Padding that gives a jolly round appearance. The Santa pants are cut short to allow for the tall black Santa Boots. The measurements of Santa Outfits seem strange, even when designed correctly. So, how do you determine the correct size Santa Suit?

Step 1: Determine your Suit Jacket Size.

Find a measuring tape and wrap it around your chest (just below your arm pits). This measurement in inches is known as your Suit Jacket Size.

Step 2: Compare your Suit Jacket Size to our Santa Suit Sizes.

Compare your Suit Jacket Size to the sizes shown next to each of our Santa Suit Costumes, such as size 52-56. If your chest measurement is within this range, this is the most appropriate size Santa Costume for you. Consider that for someone who measures 52, the jacket may be a little big even with a belly pad or that if your measurement was 56, your jacket may be snug with a Santa Belly Pad.

Step 3: Decide if you will be using belly padding.

All of our Santa Suit Sizes assume that you will be wearing belly padding to achieve that jolly Santa Claus appearance. If you do not plan on wearing any belly padding, your measurements will be different by about 6 to 10 inches. Unless you have a round belly like that of a pregnant woman, we recommend using the Santa Belly Padding.

Why don't you classify your Santa Suits by L, XL or XXL?

We do not show our Santa Suits and Costumes by the measurement style L, XL, XXL and XXXL because it's a very imprecise way of sizing clothing. A size Large from one factory will often be different than one sewn by another factory. The suit jacket sizing system uses exact measurements and improves the likelihood of having a good fitting Santa Suit.

The Suit Jacket Size only takes into account the size of my chest. Should I measure my waist? How do I know if the pants will fit?

The pants included with all Santa Suits and Costumes have elastic waistbands. The waist measurement of the pants are in proportion to the chest and have a fairly large range of adjustment. You should only be concerned with the pant sizing if you have a disproportional body type.

Keep in mind that we do not sell pants separately. Someone with a unique body type may need to have their Santa Suit tailored. 800-560-2319
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