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Santa Suit Costume Cleaning and Care

Our Santa Suit Cleaning and Care suggestions will help you keep your Santa Costume in the best condition. We begin with an examination of the Santa Suit cleaning labels and then discuss the best methods for maintaining your Santa Outfit given the information on the apparel labels.

What does the cleaning label on my Santa Suit mean?

If you read the cleaning and care label on nearly all Santa Suits and Costumes, they will show some version of the following words:


The part about Dry Clean Only is self explanatory. As for Color Fast Materials, this refers to fabrics which have been dyed in a way that will prevent them from running, being washed out or faded. This might suggest that washing in water is okay but be careful. It's okay to spot wash small areas with water but never put your Santa Suit in a washing machine!

Should I dry clean my Santa Suit?

Since the cleaning and care label says Dry Clean Only, caring for your Santa Suit or Costume should be as simple as taking it to the local dry cleaner. It's not that easy! Not all dry cleaners use the same type or amount of chemicals. Simply taking your costume to the cleaners may risk that your Santa Suit will become damaged.

We have taken Santa Suits and Costumes to many different dry cleaners, often with different results. The following guidelines will help your Santa Suit come through the dry cleaning process in good condition.

1. Let the dry cleaner know that you would prefer very light chemicals used during the cleaning of your Santa Costume.

2. Explain that no chemicals should be applied on or near the white fur because the chemicals will singe the fur and may cause the red dye to bleed. If you have stains on the white fur, specify spot clean only to minimize the damage.

3. Understand that your Santa Suit will not be as soft as the original texture after dry cleaning chemicals have been applied.

We recommend that you consider the frequency of dry cleaning because the chemicals are harsh on plush fabric. If you only use your Santa Suit once per season, you may only need to clean the costume every 3 or 4 years. If there are noticeable stains, however, you should promptly clean those areas. For the Santa Claus who make numerous appearances during the holiday season, you may want to have your Santa Suit cleaned at the end of each season but never dry clean more than once per year to minimize the potential damage or discoloration of the white fur.

Are there other ways of maintaining my Santa Suit?

Yes. For the occasional Santa Claus, your costume will probably have relatively little exposure to dirt or body odor. In this situation, you may want to simply spot wash the Santa Suit with water and color safe detergent. When spot washing, be sure to wash the red and white areas separately, letting the red fabric dry before washing the white fur. You don't want to risk having the damp red fabric run into the white fur on your Santa Suit. You may also want to consider wiping the inside of the Santa Suit with a damp cloth to prevent the buildup of body odor or wearing disposable under arm sweat protectors.

How do I clean my Santa Beard and Wig?

Before cleaning your Santa Beard and Wig, verify which model you have. The Economy Beard and Wig Set is not designed for washing. To clean the Deluxe Santa Beard or the Professional Santa Beard, just follow a few steps. Gently brush the wig to remove particles. Hand wash in cold water with wig soap, baby shampoo or mild soap. Rinse in cold water. Remove excess water but do not squeeze or twist. Blotting with a towel may help. Let dry on a tall, slender object so that air will circulate though the wig. Never blow dry or put in a clothes dryer. Once completely dry, shape with your hands or gently brush to style. 800-560-2319
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