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Santa Suits and Santa Costume Accessories

Santa Suits and Santa Costume Accessories are our specialty. We understand that the Professional Santa Claus requires an authentic Santa Suit at a reasonable price, so we have examined the suits from nearly every company in the United States, Europe and Asia. Our styles represent the best Santa Costumes available in terms of quality and price.

The veteran Santa prefers the American designed Professional Santa Suit or Majestic Santa Suit. For the occasional Santa Claus, we recommend the fluffy asian Regency Santa Suit, a great value for a rental model santa costume. The Economy Santa Suit is a nice outfit for family celebrations. Learn about Santa Suits in our Santa Suit Buying Guide.
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Majestic, Pro and Velvet Sale!
majestic santa suit costume
Simply the best!  You will believe that you are Santa Clause.
professional santa suit costume
A big fluffy, bright red, pile plush professional santa suit.
velve santa suit costume
A lightweight, professional looking velvet santa suit for warm climates.
regency santa suit costume
Most costume shops use this model for their santa suit rentals.
velour santa suit costume
For family celebrations or other one day events.
economy santa suit costume
For family celebrations or other one day events.

Old World Santa Suits

old world santa suit costume
Good for specialty events or old world theme activities.
victorian santa suit costume
Outfit yourself in a traditional Saint Nicholas style ensemble.

Mrs Santa Suits

fleece mrs santa suit costume
Nice for family celebrations or other one day events.
velvet mrs santa suit costume
A real velvet, lighweight suit that will last for years with proper care.

More Santa Costumes

child santa suit costume
A cute little red fleece costume for children.
blue santa suit costume
The outfit for Hannukah Santas and for Police Santas.
$45.99 - $129.99
cheap santa suit costume
Cheap Santa Suits for the Santa Claus on a budget.
$36.99 - $69.99

Santa Suits, Costumes or Robes?

The Professional Santa Claus knows that his clothing is a 'Santa Suit'.  But novices often refer to the Santa Outfit as a Santa Costume, possibly because Halloween costumes are so popular in the United States.  Nevertheless, all young children recognize Santa Claus with his red coat, white beard, black boots and jolly laugh.  So, regardless of whether you call it a Santa Suit or Santa Costume, the most important thing to remember is that Santa Claus loves children and the holiday season.

In many European countries, the Santa Suit has traditionally been a long flowing robe reminiscent of clergy, similar to our Victorian Santa Suit.  The man, most likely referred to as Saint Nick in many European countries, is very different than the Santa Claus of the United States.  The jolly man in the red suit in Europe is actually the Christian Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children.  This amiable fellow has a white beard, red color suit and loves children like his counterpart in the United States.

But the similarities end there.  His clothing is not a Santa Claus Suit but a long flowing robe representative of his standing as a religious figure.  Saint Nicholas is actually a Christian Saint.  In appearance, Saint Nicholas is a tall, thin person compared to the large, roundish Santa Clause.  Even though Saint Nicholas has a long standing history throughout Europe, the United States version of the jolly man in the Majestic Santa Suit has become more popular in recent years. 800-560-2319
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